Equipment for sports and communal (public) swimming pools

Manufacturing and supply of swimming pool equipment

M-TC “Sport” is manufacturer and supplier of sports goods and equipment for public swimming pools, aqua-parks and gyms. Apart from that the company also supplies equipment made by leading manufacturers of swimming pool equipment: Spanish, German, American and Finnish manufacturers.

Some of the main products of the company include different types of lane separation lines, starting blocks, overflow channel grills, signal equipment, locker-room plastic furniture, as well as goods for training and learning to swim.

Lane separation lines manufactured by M-TC “Sport” are made of high-strength polyethylene, in accordance with the European standards, using high quality imported dyes. The lane separators comprise of Polyamide rope of 8mm diameter and stainless steel fittings: turnbuckle tensioner, snap hook and clamps. We can also supply 4mm rope lane separators with Spanish fittings if so desired by the customer.

Plastic locker room benches made especially for high humidity premises.
Plastic benches can be installed at swimming pool lockers, fitness centers, miscellaneous sports facilities, gyms and indoor aquatic facilities.

The plastic benches are very functional: lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and handle.
Sold unassembled. On spot assembly time is no more than 10 minutes.

Starting blocks, are manufactured by M-TC "Sport" in different modifications. The basic stand and platform support are made of stainless steel, whereas the adjustable 0.5m x 0.5m kick-off platform is made of fibreglass, with anti-slip surface. There are horizontal and vertical handles fitted at 0.3-0.6m above the water line, which are used for backstroke kick-off. These handles are parallel to the side walls. The stands are supplied with anchor fittings. The starting blocks do not have any spring characteristics. M-TC "Sport" has been offering construction services for the last 9 years. The use of modern technology, 30 years of experience and highly qualified experts enable us to manufacture high quality goods at competitive rates. Due to this demand for our goods is high all over Russia and the nearby countries: the company supplies more than 100 high quality products to more than 300 enterprises, 90% of which are state institutions.

Currently M-TC "Sport" is the only company in the country, which produces such a wide range of equipment for public swimming pools. We have production lines for manufacturing; lane separation lines of HPP, stainless steel products, including starting blocks, rollers, turn around panels and others. We have also started production of plastic goods for home and gardens (visit We launch the production of new product approximately once a quarter. For the last three years our company has been installing supplied products on sub-contract basis, as well as the construction of small scale private swimming pools. We hope to continue successful and mutually beneficial cooperation!

List of offered services:

* Supply of locally manufactured sports goods for public swimming pools, aqua-parks and gyms.
* Supply of sports good and equipment for swimming pools, manufactured by leading producers in Spain, Germany, USA and Finland.
* Warranty backed mounting and installation of the supplied equipment.
* Maintenance services for installed equipment.
* Swimming pool construction from plan to future maintenance.