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Production and trade company "Sport" - the only one in Russia, which produces a range of equipment for public pools. Production base of the company includes a line under the issue of dividing the tracks from the JHA, of stainless steel products, including starting pedestals, rollers, panels turn, accessories and much more. The highly qualified staff, modern equipment, high quality of the products, not inferior to the best foreign analogues - all this allows you to produce and constantly improve the competitive products.

The assortment of products is constantly expanding. For the last three years the company developed and introduced into production 15 different models of plastic furniture for sports constructions, more than 100 names of products of stainless steel, as well as equipment and inventory for water Polo and games on the water.

High level of training of engineers, designers and constructors of the company allows to develop and launch the production of several new samples of products in year.

The geography of activity of the company covers the whole of Russia and Near-Abroad countries and employs more than 2000 organizations, different kinds of activities. Our relations with partners are formed on the basis of long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation, which allows the company to rapidly grow and expand for the benefit of development and popularization of water kinds of sports in our country.