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This stand is used for medal ceremonies. This product comprises of a set of three modules (cubes), which as per requirement can be assembled in a line joining sides (fig A), or can be put into each other for storage (fig B). The modules are joined with the help of screws, which are driven through the holes under each of the modules (“B”).

All the modules are painted with powder polymer (white). The top surface has additional anti-slip coating. The front surface is used for position markers.

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Piece67 000.00025-5827add to cart
2Team pedestal
Team pedestal
Dimensions: 3000 * 700 * 500 red one place
                    3000 * 700 * 360 - Blue 2nd place
                    3000 * 700 * 210 - Green 3rd place
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3Пьедестал индивидуальный
Пьедестал индивидуальный
Large Module: width – 800mm; height – 600mm; length - 600mm.
Medium module: breadth – 730mm; height – 400mm; length – 600mm.
small module: breadth – 660mm; height – 200mm; length – 600mm.
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